Working together for safety excellence

Members of the award winning safety team. Pictured from left: Worley’s Robert Parussini, Robert Beauvais, Christian Friis, Richard Clark, Mike Thibodeau, Reid McInnes, Paul Rybnikar, Jesse Lilburn, Jared Anderson, David Horning, Luke Brown and Suncor’s Duane Kozub.

Safety is a core value for Suncor, and organizations we work with on our sites are expected to share this commitment.

Jacobs Industrial Services (now Worley) is doing exactly that at the Burrard Products Terminal in Port Moody, B.C.

Worley provides day-to-day maintenance and supports ongoing work at the terminal. They’ve received three Worley awards in the past 12 months, including one for achieving three years of work without recording an injury, a second for implementing positive cultural change and a third for an individual’s safety initiative.

“We're challenging team members to think differently about their work,” says Luke Brown, site superintendent for Worley.

“We've embarked on a journey of change. The most difficult aspect has been setting the correct pace. If it's too quick, employees find it difficult to keep up and may not adopt the change. If it's too slow complacency can begin to set in.”

Worley adopted Suncor’s field level hazard assessment (FLHA) process, and each employee working on a task now fills out a hazard assessment card prior to work starting. In the past, one Worley worker would perform the hazard assessment for the group. By getting everyone involved, team members are more engaged in identifying risks and taking ownership for a safe work site.

Luke says, “Worley and Suncor team members work alongside one another. There is a sense of family among us. This holds such value because we all look out for one another. Each of us cares about the other and therefore, we make sure we're all performing our work as safely as possible.”

Luke also notes that a key component to Worley’s safety performance success is the support from Duane Kozub, Suncor maintenance coordinator. “He’s always there when we need him. He provides us with the tools and equipment to perform our work.”

Duane echoes Luke’s sentiment. “Creating trust with the maintenance team is crucial and not taken for granted. Along with Luke and his team, we make it a priority to maintain and build on the relationship we’ve established together at Burrard.”

Congratulations to Worley for making safety a priority.

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