Suncor is helping to make things happen offshore AND onshore

Steve Hogan, second from the left, attended the Ocean Supercluster announcement with representatives from government and members of PRNL

The East Coast of Canada is a strategic fit with Suncor’s Exploration and Production business, so it’s essential that we are a part of the conversations taking place that help drive development in the region.

On April 6, 2018, Steve Hogan, vice president, East Coast was appointed to Chair of CAPP’s Atlantic Canada Executive Policy Group. Steve’s past oil and gas experience complements the local operator’s voice he brings to the table to discuss opportunities that exist within the industry and the challenges impacting development.

Suncor is also a part of exciting work that’s helping to grow the ocean economy in Canada. On Feb. 15, the Federal government announced the recipients of the supercluster competition, who will receive federally matched dollars to support research and development and disruptive technology solutions. The Ocean Supercluster is one of those recipients. The Ocean Supercluster is a sector-led partnership that brings companies from various sectors together in new collaborations to boost innovation and modernization in Canada’s ocean industries.

Petroleum Research of Newfoundland and Labrador (PRNL) has represented the oil and gas industry as part of the Ocean Supercluster and Suncor is a proud PRNL member. Through PRNL and the other Ocean Supercluster members, we look forward to working together to maximize technology and research development opportunities that provide value to our industry, while supporting future economic growth.

By working with government, industry associations and stakeholders with connections to offshore projects, Suncor is helping to shape the future of the industry in a sustainable way.

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