2016 Report on Sustainability includes new sustainability goals

							Suncor’s 2016 Report on Sustainability
Our 2016 Report on Sustainability includes new sustainability goals.

Suncor’s 2016 Report on Sustainability includes details on new long-term sustainability goals that focus on addressing climate change and our relationship with Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

“These areas of focus are important to the sustainability of our company, our communities, and our country,” says Steve Williams, president and chief executive officer. “The way the world views energy development has fundamentally changed. Sustainability goals drive us far beyond our current capabilities while meeting energy needs in Canada and around the world.”

We share in the global challenge to tackle climate change head on by reducing emissions, while providing energy the world needs. We will work to harness technology and innovation to set us on a transformational pathway to a low carbon energy system. We will start by reducing the total emission intensity of the production of our oil and petroleum products by 30% by 2030.

Suncor's long-term social goal recognizes the value of relationships, and focuses on changing the way we think and act so we can strengthen our relationships and increase the participation of Aboriginal Peoples in energy development. This isn't work we do 'to' or 'for' Aboriginal Peoples. We must learn from, and with, partners and communities.

The strategies to achieve both of these goals are outlined in the report.

The report also highlights how we did in meeting our strategic environmental performance goals, which were set in 2009 and matured at the end of 2015. These four goals focused on water consumption, reclamation of disturbed lands, energy efficiency and air emissions. Three of the four goals – water, land and air – were met. Our new greenhouse gas emissions goal will help us continue to reduce energy use in our operations.

Suncor believes that transparency is important to keep our stakeholders and our shareholders informed on our performance. That's why we voluntarily report on our environmental and social performance beyond regulatory requirements. Our annual Report on Sustainability is consistently recognized for excellence in reporting by environmental and investment communities.

We asked some of our community partners why it's important for Suncor to have a social goal and an environmental goal. Watch the videos to see what they had to say.

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