Memorial University scientist recognized as 2015 Terra Nova Young Innovator

							Memorial University scientist recognized as 2015 Terra Nova Young Innovator.
2015 TNYIA recipient, Dr. Penny Morrill

In August of 2015, Dr. Penny Morrill was recognized as the recipient of the 2015 Terra Nova Young Innovator Award (TNYIA). This award recognizes and encourages exceptional young faculty members to be adventurous in their research, to explore novel ideas, and to be creative in the way they investigate important research issues.

Dr. Morrill was awarded $50,000 towards building and testing a new atmospheric methane gas sampler. If successful, this technology could be used for a diverse range of functions, from detecting new oil and gas reservoirs, to searching for life on other planets.

“We were very impressed by the objectives and methodology proposed by Dr. Morrill in her submission, which is enhanced by her collaboration with Dr. Ziegler and Dr. Ono,” said Brent Janke, vice president, East Coast, Upstream. “Their work has the potential to enhance our industry in many ways and we were happy to provide the research award on behalf of the Terra Nova partners.”

In addition to supporting her research, Dr. Morrill says the TNYIA will also allow her to recruit and train top graduate students as part of her project. Dr. Morrill is collaborating with Dr. Susan Ziegler, Memorial’s Canada Research Chair in Environmental Science and Dr. Shuhei Ono, associate professor at the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

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