60 years old has never looked younger

The Montreal Refinery had few neighbours when it started in 1955

In 2015, as we celebrate our Montreal refinery’s 60th anniversary, you can’t help but notice how modern and high-tech it looks. Continuous improvements and significant investments to increase our reliability and effectiveness are largely responsible for our state-of-the-art refinery.

In 1955, when the Montreal refinery started its operations, Maurice Duplessis was the Premier of Quebec when our facility was officially inaugurated. Pointe-aux-trembles was not part of the City of Montreal, Highway 40 did not exist and Sherbrooke Street stopped near our door steps. Except for isolated farms and cottages, no houses, businesses or plants were close to our refinery.

In the ‘50s, the refinery had the capacity to produce 20,000 barrels per day of finished products, which mainly consisted of gas, diesel and home heating oil. It was one of the most modern refineries in North America.

Today, it remains a high-tech refinery with an increased production capacity of nearly 140,000 barrels per day. 60 years later, we also remain an important asset to Suncor. All of our employees are committed to operational excellence, dedicated to the community and the environment, and ensure a continuous contribution to the economy of Montreal and Quebec.

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