The Suncor Montreal Refinery achieved exceptional safety results in 2017

The Montreal Refinery emergency preparedness exercise is one of the many initiatives to improve the safety of our installation, employees and community.

Nothing is more important than safety for the Suncor Montreal team. This is evidenced by the results delivered by the Montreal Refinery, which achieved an overall  safety performance with zero recordable injuries for employees and contractors and one of its lowest first aid injury frequency rates (4.5) in 2017. This safety culture and performance excellence is a real statement to the refinery's commitment to safety and risk prevention. 

One of the Montreal Refinery teams’ recent initiatives was to promote a reporting culture. This not only means gaining a thorough understanding of past incidents, but also learning from them. Teams have also been established to report on their progress on a regular basis to the refinery leadership team. A culture of reporting all incidents – no matter how big or small – is now fully in place at the Montreal Refinery and the results are encouraging.

The Montreal Refinery suppliers also maintain the same safety standards as Suncor. For instance, in February 2018, Suncor awarded the President’s Operational Excellence Award (POEA) to Groupe C. Laganière in the category Personal and Process Safety for 14 years of operations with zero recordable injuries.

“I am extremely proud of our employees and contractors and their ongoing commitment to the safety of our people, our assets and our community,” says Jean Côté, vice-president of the Suncor Montreal Refinery. These results are not due to chance or good luck, but rather to an unwavering focus on operational discipline behaviours and strategic, long-term plans of continuous improvements.”

With these exceptional safety results, the bar is set high for the coming years and Montreal Refinery employees welcome the challenge.

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