Emergency response simulations ensure our capacity to act swiftly against any incident

In early October 2018, the Suncor Montreal refinery Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) group organized an emergency response simulation at the Montreal refinery marine loading dock. They were very pleased with the success and quality of the response and spill plan co-ordination with our specialized teams, Urgence Marine and the Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC) for Eastern Canada.

Protecting our employees, our community and the environment is a priority for the Suncor Montreal refinery. We are constantly working on improving safety at our facility whether through inspection and auditing of processes; systems for continuous, computer-assisted control and monitoring of our operations; and using safe work permit systems.

One of the important ways to validate our emergency plan is through regular drills. Once a year, an emergency response simulation takes place at our refinery to ensure we can act swiftly if an incident occurs. All kinds of scenarios are prepared to test and train our employees and contractors skills. We also work closely with various government agencies and different key stakeholders, like the City of Montreal Fire Department Services (SIM), Montreal Police Department Service and members of our citizen’s liaison committee.

The refinery has its own fire hall, fire trucks and highly qualified and trained fire-fighting personnel. We have the necessary emergency response equipment in a number of locations throughout the site, including fire hydrants, an inventory of fire-fighting foam, fire detection systems and spill response equipment. We work closely with other East Montreal industries and the City of Montreal through a joint municipal-industry committee to improve risks management and public safety.

We regularly review all of these to ensure we’re prepared to respond in the event of an incident.

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