Safety focus through continued public awareness

							Neil Rysavy, Suncor Energy Surface Landman, and Valarie Ehrenholz, farmer
Neil Rysavy, Suncor Energy Surface Landman, and Valarie Ehrenholz, farmer.

Neil Rysavy is taking pipeline safety to the next level. As Suncor’s pipeline surface landman, Neil knows how important public awareness and engagement is when it comes to the safety of our employees, stakeholders, landowners and the communities we impact as part of our daily operations. This is why he is implementing a new public awareness and damage prevention program, which will be sustained by the Pipelines group.

Neil Rysavy, Suncor Energy Surface Landman, at a stakeholder’s farm.

“Public awareness of our pipeline operations has always been a focus for our business,” says Neil. “This program is a way for us to consistently reach out to stakeholders, equipping them with knowledge about our pipeline operations while building positive relationships. This will enhance public safety, environmental protection and facility operations.”

The Public Awareness and Damage Prevention program includes:

  • Stakeholder meetings along the pipelines ‘right of way’.
    • Residents: face-to-face meetings every two years. In 2016, the pipelines group identified and met with 181 residents
    • Emergency responders: meetings every two years. We have been invited to present at Athabasca County’s semi-annual Fire Chief’s meeting
    • Local governments: meetings every three years
  • Participating in annual ground disturbance contractor meetings, which may be in conjunction with a local trade show, community event, open house or industry-organized event.

“Through knowledge we are building a safer community, and through regular communications and face-to-face meetings, we are building stronger relationships,” adds Neil. 

If you need to get in touch with Suncor immediately, call 1-800-3 SUNCOR (1-800-378-6267). If you would like to contact Neil directly, he can be reached at or 780-449-2127.

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