New owners of the Albersun Pipeline

Albersun Pipeline right-of-way.

For the past 50 years, Suncor has owned and operated the Albersun pipeline, supplying natural gas to the company’s oil sands facilities and the city of Fort McMurray.

On October 1, 2018, Suncor signed the closing paperwork to sell the remaining Albersun pipeline network to TransCanada’s subsidiary, NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.

Brian Suchand, Suncor’s Pipelines General Manager, says, “The sale allows Suncor to focus on its core business and complements NOVA Gas’ existing network of natural gas pipelines that serve communities and residents in the Fort McMurray area.”

The pipeline extends south of Suncor’s oil sands Base Plant and connects with TransCanada’s western Canadian natural gas transmission pipeline network.  

Up until the close of the sale, Suncor coordinated and controlled most of the natural gas on the pipeline under delivery-based contracts. The pipeline moves natural gas both north and south for Suncor and other shippers. 

Over the years, demand for natural gas from both Suncor and the city of Fort McMurray has grown exponentially. During the last decade, Suncor exited the natural gas business and was no longer the main provider of natural gas on the Albersun system.

A critical piece of infrastructure for Fort McMurray, the Albersun Pipeline has the capacity to move in excess of 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. 

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