Suncor and renewable energy

							Suncor's St. Clair Ethanol Plant is the largest ethanol production plant in Canada
View of St. Clair Ethanol Plant near Sarnia, Ontario.

Renewable energy is an increasingly important part of the global energy mix, as we all work toward a sustainable energy future. 

According to the International Energy Agency’s 2013 World Energy Outlook, renewable energy is expected to account for nearly half of the increase in global power generation between now and 2035.

Developing renewable energy is part of Suncor’s long-standing climate change action plan – and advancing different forms of energy makes good business sense. Renewable energy, including wind and biofuels, are some of the future’s energy sources – and we want to be among the providers of multiple energy solutions.

Suncor currently has six operating wind power projects across Canada and is developing our Adelaide and Cedar Point projects in Ontario. We also operate Canada’s largest ethanol production plant, near Sarnia, Ont.

It is estimated that our combined renewable energy portfolio currently displaces about one million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of the annual tailpipe emissions of about 225,000 cars.

Read more about renewable energy in Suncor’s 2014 Report on Sustainability.

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