Renewable Energy - Alberta update

							Wind turbines near Magrath, Alberta.
Wind turbines near Magrath, Alberta.

In a province well known for its natural resources (most commonly the resources that get drilled, steamed or dug out of the ground), Alberta also has some of the best wind and solar resources in Canada. With the Government of Alberta’s commitment to addressing climate change that will fundamentally transform Alberta’s electricity grid, Suncor continues to look to secure future growth opportunities in the province.

Currently, Suncor is involved in two operational wind power facilities in Alberta: the Magrath Wind Project near Magrath, and the Chin Chute Wind Project near Taber. We also have a fully permitted project in Alberta called Hand Hills, east of Drumheller. This project is an 80 Megawatt (MW) wind facility that is under internal review to determine potential opportunities. 

Building our portfolio
In 2016, we took initial steps towards the potential development of several wind and solar projects in southern Alberta through applications of System Access Service Requests (SASR) to the Alberta Energy System Operator (AESO).

This is a very preliminary stage of the projects. We continue to assess our options related to the projects and we are also waiting to hear more from the Government of Alberta regarding targets for renewable generating capacity in the province.


  • Hand Hills (Phase 2) Wind Project, east of Drumheller, up to 80MW 
  • Forty Mile Wind Project (phase 1), near Bow Island, up to 200 MW
  • Forty Mile Wind Project (phase 2) near Bow Island, up to 200 MW
  • Schuler Wind Project in Cypress County, up to 80MW  
  • Huxley Wind Project, (near Trochu), up to 50 MW
  • Braconnier Wind Project, (near Three Hills), up to 80 MW


  • Hand Hills Solar Project, east of Drumheller, up to 80 MW
  • Forty Mile Solar Project, near Medicine Hat, up to 80 MW  
  • Schuler Solar Project, in Cypress County, up to 80 MW

Note: the wind and solar projects have been submitted separately.

This story contains forward-looking information. Please see legal advisories for more information.

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