Are you ready to take action?

At the Suncor Sarnia refinery, we conduct emergency response drills throughout the year in order to make sure we are ready to respond appropriately to an incident.

Many times, these drills include local emergency response resources such as Sarnia Fire Rescue Services.


Do you know how to respond to an incident that requires you to take action, or more specifically, shelter in place?

There are several reasons residents would be asked to take action to respond to a potential risk, however, the most common reasons in the Sarnia area would be a tornado or an industrial incident.

There are two important things to know about shelter in place:

  1. the order comes from the municipality, sometimes at the recommendation of industry
  2. it is a precaution that is taken to help keep you safe


Community Awareness Emergency Response


In the event you are told to shelter in place, the Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) organization suggests following these steps:

  • Stay or go inside
  • Close all windows and secure doors (locking provides a tighter seal)
  • Turn off all ventilation systems such as heating, air conditioning and fans
  • If there are gaps in windows or doors, seal with duct tape or damp towels
  • Have a battery operated radio for emergencies
  • Listen for further instructions via the My Community Notification Network (MyCNN) or local radio stations




MyCNN is the local municipal warning system that can contact subscribers through a method of their choice, such as telephone, cell phone, email and text message. This system enables you to receive critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as shelter in place or evacuation orders, severe weather and drinking water emergencies.

To register for these notifications or to learn more about shelter in place guidelines, you can visit the CAER web site:
Just click MyCNN logo to begin your registration.

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