Raising the bar on environmental performance at the Sarnia Refinery

In 2017, the Sarnia refinery demonstrated strong environmental performance with no regulatory exceedances, flaring reduced by approximately 85% and all emissions were below the applicable regulated limits.

The Suncor Sarnia refinery is committed to being a trusted, safe and reliable operator in our community. We understand the community has high expectations for us and we work hard to meet those expectations, particularly when it comes to our environmental footprint.

Building off our performance in 2016, the Sarnia refinery demonstrated its strongest environmental performance to-date in 2017. Some highlights include:

  • flaring reduced by approximately 85%
  • all emissions were below the applicable regulated limits
  • no regulatory exceedances
  • successful International Organization for Standardization (ISO) audits with no major non-conformances identified
  • no outstanding issues following inspections by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) on 10 storage tanks

As shared in previous editions of Suncor Connections, 2017 also saw the advancements of two new environmental regulations from the MECP – the implementation of a benzene technical standard as well as the continued development of a new sulphur dioxide regulation, which later passed in 2018. We expect both to influence future environmental performance at the refinery, specifically in terms of supporting our continued efforts to reduce emissions from our site.

In addition to our own regular inspection and maintenance cycles, we participate in various inspections and audits through the MECP and ISO. We do this to help ensure safe and reliable operation, validate the effectiveness of current operational processes in minimizing emissions and identify areas for improvement.

“We are proud of our work of the work we have done to help us achieve record-setting results for our site,” says Todd Murray, manager of Environment, Health & Safety. “No matter how strong our performance is, we believe we can always improve and we challenge ourselves to find new ways to reduce our impact on the community.”

This story contains forward-looking information.  Please see legal advisories for more information.

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