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							Suncor's Commerce City refinery at night

Suncor’s U.S. operations are a vital link between the company’s oil sands resources in Canada and the United States energy market. The various parts of Suncor’s business are tightly connected, and these are the people leading the team:


Steve Ewing - Director, Rack Forward Sales, Service and Operations, U.S.

Steve Ewing
Director, Rack Forward Sales, Service & Operations

Steve has 25 years in the industry, including with Phillips Petroleum. Rack Forward is the business that sells gasoline and diesel to wholesale and retail customers, and Steve’s role is to keep a focus on safety, operations and customer service as the business works closely with the Supply department to balance refining supply and customer demand.

On the retail side, Suncor supplies fuel to more than 250 Shell and Phillips 66 sites in Colorado and Wyoming. Of these sites, 44 are leased or owned by Suncor in Colorado, serving about 15 million people each year.


Christina Henderson - Director, Operations and Maintenance, U.S. Pipelines

Christina Henderson
Director, Operations & Maintenance, U.S. Pipelines

Christina has been in the industry for 15 years, which includes experience in the Commerce City refinery and Suncor’s oil sands operation in Canada. 

Our pipeline operation includes 328 miles of pipe through Wyoming and Colorado, as well as crude unloading docks, which receive over 200 truckloads of Colorado crude oil per day. Christina’s role is to ensure the safe, reliable and responsible delivery of crude oil to the refinery through regulatory compliance, high operational standards and a qualified, motivated team of people.


Aaron McDowell - Director, U.S. Crude Supply and Trading

Aaron McDowell
Director, U.S. Crude Supply and Trading

Aaron has 15 years in the industry, including trading natural gas liquids and crude oil for Chevron before joining Suncor. 

The U.S. crude business helps the Commerce City refinery purchase the types of crude oil needed to meet product demands of the local market – typically gasoline in summer, and diesel and heating oil in winter. 

The team also finds the best markets across the country to buy and sell crude oil that’s not needed for the refinery, as well as for marketing Suncor’s own production, which is increasingly finding consumers in the U.S.


Shelley Powell - Vice President, Refining, U.S.

Shelley Powell
Vice President, Refining, U.S.

Shelley has been with Suncor nearly 20 years, including 12 years at our refinery in Sarnia, Ontario. 

The Commerce City refinery is a critical asset to Suncor, and is Colorado’s only refinery, producing gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, and paving-grade asphalt. As its VP, Shelley leads the safe, responsible operation of the facilities, as well as the safety of our people and the community.


Nancy Thonen - Director, U.S. Product Supply and Refinery Sales

Nancy Thonen
Director, Product Supply & Refinery Sales

Nancy has spent 26 years in the oil business, 11 of it with Suncor. Her experience is in both exploration and production (what we call the upstream) and refining, distribution and supply (the downstream). Her role is the critical piece between the pipeline, the refinery and the sales team, ensuring each part operates efficiently through the ebbs and flows of supply and demand.

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