Hands down, Mow Down makes a difference

The end result of the RAQC’s annual Mow Down Pollution events: residents leave with functional electric powered mowers ready to tackle even the toughest lawn job, while these gas-powered mowers were exchanged and on their way to recycling.

Currently, air quality in the Denver metro and northern Front Range region does not meet federal ozone standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Suncor is working with various stakeholders to provide input on plans to address ozone levels in the region. 

The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) – the lead agency for air quality planning – is responsible for bringing together state agencies, local governments, industry, environmental and community groups and citizens to reduce ground-level ozone. Suncor, along with other companies and industry groups, had the opportunity to present to the RAQC in late May, and we continue to engage with the RAQC’s board, committees and staff to identify ways to improve air quality.

“Suncor supports ozone reduction and the state’s air planning processes,” said Donald Austin, vice president, Commerce City refinery. “We are actively participating with the RAQC and other stakeholders to identify effective strategies that deliver meaningful benefit to our air.”

Through community investment, Suncor also supports one of the RAQC’s signature programs aimed at decreasing air pollution in the region while increasing public awareness. The RAQC’s Mow Down Pollution lawn mower exchange makes it easy for residents to recycle their old gas-powered mowers and receive discounts on the purchase of a new, cordless electric mower.

“Gas-powered lawn mowers and equipment contribute to nearly 10 per cent of the Denver area’s emissions that lead to ground-level ozone. That’s why area residents can make a positive impact on air quality by switching to electric lawn mowers and garden tools,” said Matt Goble, program officer for the RAQC. “Mow Down Pollution is an important program that helps our region meet federal ozone standards, and we sincerely appreciate Suncor’s support over the years.”

This year, the RAQC hosted two lawn mower exchange events, including one in Commerce City, Colorado. While it may seem like a small detail, the move to push or electric lawn mowers and tools can make a positive impact on our air – and every small step helps.

Learn more about RAQC’s mission and programs.

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